3 mins | Work | 16 March 2022

Striking The Work-life Balance With Oberoi Realty Homes

Work is a key component of our lives. As we grow increasingly more connected through technology, it becomes difficult to separate work from our personal lives. As work overheads increase, it’s increasingly difficult to truly disconnect from work and just enjoy our personal time without stress and anxiety.

It is no easy task to achieve work-life balance in today’s unpredictable and fast-paced business world.

What is Work-Life Balance?

Work-Life Balance looks at how working people manage their time spent at and outside of work. It’s important to remember that work-life balance will always mean something a little different to everyone. While some may like to devote more time to themselves, some others might desire to spend more time with family.

The concept is simple, yet working professionals everywhere struggle to define it for themselves, let alone achieve it.

Why is work-life balance essential?

The absence of a work-life balance can seriously impact your health. The stress of constantly being expected to excel, and being available for every task that comes your way, can lead to various physical, mental, emotional issues, along with a general lack of overall fitness.

If you continue to extend your working hours and don’t allow yourself ‘downtime’ to recover, recuperate and refresh, you can experience burnout, which negatively affects your mental health and performance at work and happiness at home.

Reducing commuting hours is one way to ensure a better work-life balance. Living in a modern apartment that offers the right mix of amenities, improved connectivity and breathable spaces is bound to enhance your work-life balance in no time.

Oberoi Realty: Amenities that go beyond operational advantages

Oberoi Realty’s residential developments are well-equipped to address the evolving needs of professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative mavericks alike. Our apartments have been tailor-made to meet the growing demand for bigger spaces.

Apart from spacious homes, there are wide and large open spaces that can help you reconnect with a steady pace of life. Or faster, if you take the jogging or cycling track. An array of contemporary amenities including a swimming pool, play area, clubhouse, multipurpose courts, and abundant greens encourage homeowners and residents to utilise their leisure time after a busy day of work.

Incorporate a healthy workout or exercise regime with various health-related amenities like yoga/meditation rooms, jogging tracks, and gymnasiums. Focus on your health and wellness to facilitate a healthy body and mind to enhance your work-life balance.

With integrated living at our properties, access shopping malls, recreational facilities, educational institutions, commercial spaces within a walking distance of your apartment, whenever you want while working from home.

If your working arrangement requires you to work from home, then our homes also offer you Multipurpose / Zoom rooms. These rooms can be used as efficient working spaces or fill in for a study, or dedicated spaces for creativity to flow freely.

No matter how you choose to work tomorrow, at Oberoi Realty, our multiple home options will hold up their part in your work-life balance.