3 mins | Lifestyle | 03 May 2023

Transforming and elevating Spacious Living - Eternia & Enigma by Oberoi Realty

As birds seek solace in their nests, humans also have an innate longing to find a safe and welcoming place that they can call their own. Our homes are where we form lasting memories, nurture family bonds, and make decisions that shape our lives. A sanctuary that shelters us and provides a sense of belonging. It forms the fulcrum of our life, the nucleus from which all our daily experiences extend.

The home becomes the grounding for the family’s shared sense of purpose while providing a springboard for each member to pursue their own aspirations and dreams. Our homes have often sheltered multiple generations, where structures turn into treasures of memories, that harbour each phase and aspect of our being. These dreams of living comfortably with your loved ones come true at Eternia and Enigma by Oberoi Realty, where spacious living is truly transformed.

The towering heights of Eternia and Enigma redefine the skyline of Mumbai’s central suburbs. Crisp, clean lines and materials and the use of light, texture and space within our apartments come together to endow an unprecedented luxury to Mulund’s locales. The luxury of space, elevation, aesthetics, facilities and soothing vistas. The tastefully designed apartments allow every member of your family to personalize their experiences and the generous space allows room for your tribe to come together and celebrate togetherness. Space that permits tranquility to be cherished as much as the vibrant life within it.

Eternia and Enigma facilitates harmony between human habitation and the natural world by placing the developments in the midst of lush landscaping and also against the awe-infusing backdrops of the mountains of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and the serenity of Vihar Lake. As you gaze out from your voluminous three-to-four bedroom apartments, every window frames a view.

Replenish your spirits in the swimming pool after a long day, challenge your friends to a game of squash, breathe easy in the landscaped gardens and declutter your mind in the meditation room facilities. Eternia and Enigma’s more than 30 world-class amenities elevate your wellbeing and revel in a world of rejuvenation.

The towering heights of Eternia and Enigma redefine the skyline of Mumbai’s central suburbs, Eternia and Enigma’s towering heights inspire wonder and create the pinnacle of a wholesome life. Nestled in the lap of nature, your world of evolved living is also seamlessly connected to the world outside and with the upcoming Goregaon Mulund Link Road and the proposed Metro station, connectivity is at your doorstep.

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