2 mins | Work | 13 October 2022

The Emergence of Business Parks

Innovative office spaces and the right work environment have the potential to transform the fortunes of workspace morale, bottom-lines and overall satisfaction amongst its people. 
Endless hours of screen-time, and confined environments can build up stress and impact productivity. Simultaneously, they can also hamper the growth of an organization’s business. Out of the various studies conducted to map the productivity of an employee, most have pointed towards a better work environment to achieve greater heights. 
As businesses and professionals constantly desire more fulfilling work environs, immersive spaces like business parks can prove to be an effective solution. 
The Rise of Business Parks 
Internationally, business parks first emerged in the early 1950s, as a major new land use and investment and development opportunity. The advent of these parks can be attributed to burgeoning suburban development patterns, coupled with decentralization and favourable policies supporting the suburban development expansion. In this model of development, business parks were easily accessed by commuters travelling from their neighbourhoods through a series of arterial roads and highways. 
Slowly, Business Parks became more than just places where people went to work. They turned into places where they could relax, de-stress, commune with nature and generally carry out business in a relatively healthier, more uplifting environment. 
Advantages of Business Parks 
Business parks offer enterprises the advantage of transforming their environment with functional workspaces and on-site amenities. Employers that choose this option benefit from growing a business within a fully integrated facility designed to fulfill their specific needs, and within a space removed from congested, high traffic urban areas located in central business districts. These parks give instant credibility to business owners, presence within the local community, greater convenience, and flexibility in office expansion. 
Business Parks not only offer tastefully done offices incorporating the very latest in international trends, but also state-of-the-art connectivity, excellent conferencing facilities, options for recreation like parks that empower executives to just stroll around, a food court with an option of cuisine and international-quality facilities management. 
As executives spend far more time at work than at home, employers are also opting to ensure executives have comfortable working environment which also takes cares of issues like recreation and de-stressing, thus realizing the value of human capital. Employers and employees are progressively realizing that workspaces can also contribute to retaining or losing good talent.