3 mins | Lifestyle | 11 January 2023

Relax, Rejuvenate, Refresh


"People and the places where they reside are engaged in a continuing set of exchanges; they have determinate, mutual effects upon each other because they are part of a single, interactive system,” opines scholar and author William Sax in one of his works.

A home permeates the lines between the self and the surroundings, and challenges the line we try to draw between who we are and where we are. A home is also an avenue to let yourself unfettered.

As children, walls are our canvas, clouds in the sky our movie screens, and the grass in fields our second home. But as we grow older, we move away to more tangible vocations and sometimes lose sight of what it means to just be. Be one with nature, be with our loved ones, and pursue passions removed from productivity and outcomes.


A resident of OGC, Dr. Shah comes back to her capacious abode by unwinding with gardening in her luxurious deck. After an arduous day of medical procedures and consultations, she de-stresses by spending time digging in the dirt and caring for her plants. The spacious decks at OGC have helped her grow a small herb garden and she’s introducing her children to the joys of dipping their hands in soil and growing their first microgreens.

Families have a myriad of options when they think of their ideal relaxing weekend. The wide gardens and verdure of OGC make for a fun day in the sun, where you and your dearest ones can bask in the joys of nature. A throwback to days gone by, where you would pack sandwiches in wicker baskets, roll out a mat, pull your unread books and experience serenity.

Children awake to the sounds of bulbuls, magpie-robins, and koels, away from the noises of the city’s traffic and chaos. A simple life awaits them where nourishing education is available at the Oberoi International School, right within the idyllic and serene streets of OGC. With a vast playground laced with mature trees that wield mounds of shade and fruit in the school, and similar swathes of landscape laid out across the residences, children colour the sky with their imagination, venture amidst morning glories and butterflies, and pick up the ball and simply run with it.

Embracing your inner child becomes second nature at Oberoi Garden City. While they relish the freedoms of elderhood, the senior residents of our developments can pick up reading their unfinished novels, hone their paintings with the paintbrush, and also experience the joys of living in a community of like-minded residents. Watching their young ones excel is definitely invaluable, but playing alongside them, nurturing your own interests and working on yourself in the gymnasium, yoga rooms, or the wholesome benefits of walking on grass, breathing in fresh air of the bucolic surroundings.

An advertising entrepreneur, Mr. Pinto, often finds himself stuck to his desk attending international calls, long ideation meetings, never allowing his mind a minute’s rest. A once passionate centre forward for his collegiate football team, he craved the grass and the thrill of the game. At OGC, he’s found his tribe as he takes to the futsal court for frequent matches and trains at the advanced gymnasiums and keeps his conditioning in check at the jogging track and swimming pool.

After spending their day in their own unique ways, different groups come together to play, meet and belong at our open air landscapes for an evening under the moonlight. Oberoi Realty’s flagship development OGC is a busy arena with residents of all ages living their best life, right within the comforts of their home and its surroundings.

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