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Open Spaces And Their Increasing Importance

Classically defined as areas that are green, accessible and open to the sky, open spaces in residential townships are proving to be increasingly important. Open spaces can be further classified into various terms or definitions like green space, urban greenery, public space, public gardens and parks.

Urban open spaces are considered as one aspect of the city environment that is dynamic in daily life for people living in urban areas. They play an important role in creating healthier and more liveable communities by providing positive environmental, social and economic benefits.

Why are open spaces more desirable than ever?

In the wake of the pandemic, as more and more people adapt to the new normal and spend longer hours working from the comfort of their home, there’s a reinforced need for open space indoors and in the surroundings of our residence. We have been spending a lot of time at home which therefore has led to the emergence of needs which earlier were thought of as luxury but are now a necessity. There is a growing need of having enough space to cater the needs of every family member, from WFH corners for adults to online school spaces for children.

Besides wielding a great impact on mental and physical well-being, open spaces enhance other aspects like life expectancy, productivity and happiness. Open spaces are also associated with better air quality, reduced traffic noise, cooler temperatures, and greater biodiversity. Furthermore, recent estimates by the World Health Organisation surmise that around 4 million people deaths annually are caused by a lack of physical activity, mostly as a result of poor walkability and limited access to recreational areas.

In the absence of easily accessible open spaces, many homeowners moved to gardening and grew a greater appreciation for open spaces. The last two years have helped homeowners realise the increasing importance of having spaces that allow us to connect with nature.

How Oberoi Realty improves lives with Space and Amenities?

Increasing congestion and pollution have left major cities gasping for a breath of fresh air. Oberoi Realty’s projects across Mumbai are focused on improving your quality of life with large, open spaces outside and around your home. Our projects focus on providing a holistic living environment to residents.

Post-pandemic, we witnessed a massive surge in demand for large apartments with ample space and balconies surged, along with this, projects that are a part of integrated development and provide state of the art lifestyle amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, kids play area, gym, etc. gained significant importance.

Sprawled across 80 acres of expansive greenery, serene surroundings and breathtaking views, Oberoi Garden City presents a plethora of amenities to address nearly every aspect of your lifestyle needs.

These open spaces act as breathing spaces that allow you to live life in an unhurried style. With a world of outdoor amenities like tennis and squash courts, the swimming pool, yoga/meditation room and walking tracks, make the most of open spaces for your wellbeing. Celebrate and entertain yourself with our open-air Amphitheatres and multipurpose party lawns. With dedicated areas for senior citizens and children, ensure that they socialise with their peers and stay active, healthy and happy.

Along with spacious homes and amenities, Oberoi Realty projects like OGC and the under-construction project- Sky City offer its residents an ecosystem of Residence, Entertainment, F&B, Hospitality, Connectivity. With popular malls, luxury hotels, world-class schools and direct connectivity to upcoming metro stations, residents can enjoy the most desirable lifestyle.

With properties developed by Oberoi Realty, enjoy unbounded open spaces, one of the rarest of luxuries in a country where real estate is rapidly developing.

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