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Oberoi Garden City - A Vision That Became a Benchmark of New Urbanism

Oberoi Garden City Goregaon - A vision that transformed this quiet idyllic western suburb of Mumbai to become a benchmark of new urbanism in India.

What is New Urbanism? When you walk around your neighbourhood and watch the metamorphosis of lifestyle, fine living, modernity and yet have the opportunity to lose yourself in the history and serenity of the natural surroundings that you now call home, is when you realise that life does not have to be fast paced in a city.

A home that unlocks your mind with the liberty of open spaces, capacious apartments that bestow you with room for fulfilling every desire. A home that allows you to live life at your comfort, where everything you covet is presented within proximate distances.

Where aesthetics and biophilic design principles govern every function of the community’s fabric. Where you can stroll down through the canopies of indigenous foliage, where children can cherish the abundances of landscapes while they learn and even play. Where seniors can rejoice the sanctuary of wellness and retreat, and where the young can build aspirations and dreams.

Oberoi Garden City’s all-encompassing architecture offers superlative conveniences that go beyond the ordinary. This 80-acre green oasis in the epicenter of suburban Mumbai’s concrete jigsaw has firmly positioned Goregaon as the most favoured destination for the discerning citizen.

Walk at your own pace, to wherever you desire

With everything available in your neighbourhood, take a lazy stroll through the uncongested streets of Oberoi Garden City to anywhere you wish. The beautiful lawns that roll along the landscape will soothe your sensory fatigue and rejuvenate you. Facilities that are more than just placeholders, facilities that inspire you to achieve your fitness goals, facilities that extend something for every person that inhabit these spaces.

Plentiful experiences in retail, entertainment and eclectic dining await you at the constantly refreshing Oberoi Mall. From spiffy designer labels, high-street fashion or utilitarian apparel for everyday function. Indulge in fine dining, unwind with your tribe over cocktails or engage your littles ones at interactive play-dates.

Your family’s all-round development is prioritized at Oberoi Garden City. The thoughtfully design curriculum and expansive spaces at Oberoi International School allow your children to run freely with their imagination and spirit. Let them cherish the joys of walking back from school with their classmates, away from the sounds of traffic and crowds, one with the birds and trees.

Extend the same charm of living a walkable lifestyle with the commercial developments at International Business Park. The destination of choice for leading conglomerates, MNCs, Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups, International Business Park at Oberoi Garden City is home to Commerz, Commerz II and the upcoming Commerz 3. Designed by experts in architecture and landscape, the business park also nestles the warmth of renowned 5-star hotel – The Westin Mumbai Garden City.

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