4 mins | Work | 06 April 2022

Modern Office Spaces & Design Are Redefining The Commercial Segment

The idea of an office space has been evolving over time and modern workspaces are starkly different from what they used to be. Long gone are the days of jobs that kept us confined to cubicles.

Cubicles and traditional office structures have given way to open seating and design. As organisations strive to keep their workforces engaged and motivated, there are now debates about location to interior design facets - every element is accounted for.

This has been the result of a growing recognition about the role of buildings in impacting and improving productivity. Today, workplace designs are even actively accepted as an important employee retention tool.

What makes an office ‘click’?

Building an environment conducive to high productivity requires a number of things to come together. The pointers below cover a few essentials.

- An environment that hosts a number of diverse businesses together creates a space synonymous with growth, innovation and inspiration. They can be a huge psychological boost.

- Being part of an integrated development is a bonus since it is in line with new-age trends like the ‘walk to work’ philosophy.

- Aesthetics can play an important role too. Research indicates that a number of aspects like the presence of indoor plants, natural light in the workstations and access to long-distance views are rated very high in employee wish-lists. They’re known to boost employee morale and energy.

- Modern professionals spend a lot of time working at their desks. With that in mind, it’s key for progressive business owners to give their team members the opportunity to personalize their workstations in meaningful ways.

- Good location and accessibility can help cut down commute times.

Commerz: A milestone in modern offices

With Oberoi Realty’s commitment to changing how people interact with spaces and how spaces affect them, we are the pioneers of mixed-use and sustainable developments in India. Commerz and Commerz II are two world-class developments located in the bustling neighbourhood of Goregaon (E).

Commerz is a 32-storeyed, mixed-use building comprising premium office spaces and the five-star luxury hotel-The Westin Mumbai Garden City. Commerz II is a 30-storeyed commercial tower. Together, they form the International Business Park located within Oberoi Garden City (OGC). They’re both home to a wide variety of businesses, including startups, corporates and multinationals.

How Oberoi Realty’s commercial offerings are redefining workspaces

Commerz and Commerz II, are both part of a ready ecosystem that facilitates holistic living for all its residents. Here’s how they are changing the game for offices in India.

One-of-its-kind Make: The construction of Commerz involved the use of the drywall system which was executed for the first time in India and is also incorporated with a modern double glazed unitized façade system, a sophisticated security system, a helipad and ample parking facilities. While Commerz-II is an elegantly finished LEED Gold certified premium commercial tower.

Improved Light & Lush Views: The main façade of Commerz faces the north-south direction which provides diffused sunlight thus lowering the load on air conditioning and also saving energy due to reduced artificial lighting. Both the buildings offer modern elevation with double-glazed unitised glass façade systems that provide a great view of the lush green Aarey expanse.

Prime Location and Endless Connectivity: Located right on the Western Express Highway, our commercial offerings provide endless connectivity to the city’s other important business districts like Andheri, BKC, and the Airport. Commuting to the workplace is simplified by easy access to the upcoming Metro station, the nearest railway station, public transport.

World-Class Hospitality: Commerz and Commerz-II are not just state-of-the-art office facilities, they are also connected to one of the world’s leading hospitality brands, The Westin Mumbai Garden City. It offers your office guests a soothing, contemporary environment for work and play, besides being an ideal destination for company meetings and events with 900 square meters of flexible space.

Culinary Delights and Retail Experiences: Take your business associates out for lunch or celebrate your team’s victories at refined fine dining options like Kangan and Prego at The Westin. Grab a quick bite from the many food outlets and restaurants inside Oberoi Mall, right next door. Running short of time to shop for personal needs? Make the most of the numerous brands that reside inside the mall.

Designed by internationally renowned architects like HOK, LA USA (Commerz) and KPF, New York (Commerz II) have bagged multiple awards and accolades. So, set the ball rolling and provide your employees an environment conducive to high productivity.