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Designing for the Modern Lifestyle - Insights Trends and Tips

Is design only about aesthetics? Aasif Lanewala, Assistant Vice President Interior Design, believes design is important on an everyday basis because it goes much beyond aesthetics. “Design is a holistic process where aesthetic is a part, and the practicality and usability is another. We don't realize this, but it helps our everyday life, like a properly planned house will make living your life better.”

Change in customers:
As a self-confessed student of contemporary design philosophy, Aasif recognizes the shift in the customer sensibilities surrounding home design. “People are now more aware. Our customers are world traveled. Earlier, most would be happy to go with the interior designer’s suggestions. But today, the customer wants to be involved in the design journey.”

“It is a good challenge to embrace. No two homes are similar. As a designer, I might have my own style, but at the end of the day it's the customer’s home and it must reflect their taste, style and sensibilities.”

What makes Oberoi Realty an ideal choice for the discerning, conscientious and travelled customer are our spaces that offer complete adaptability. “For example, we do not have any beams and columns in our flats. It's all in the periphery. Now that gives a customer so much of a flexibility to design the way he wants to, within the safety guidelines provided by us.”

Aasif feels this flexibility can make a big difference to our customers’ daily lives because they can visualise their homes in the most authentic fashion, tailored to diverse requirements and preferences.

Trends: Homebuying trends have clearly shown a tectonic shift in the post-pandemic era as customers are increasingly looking for bigger homes, as people realise a house is not only a place to live in. A home can be so much more than just living and working in. Another trend, Aasif feels, is living outdoors through decks and open spaces, that can be used for gardening, dining, leisurely activities and even relax and unwind.

“I don’t believe in designing an apartment to match every new trend. But instead, you can incorporate simple, contemporary elements to highlight how flexible your home can become. At Oberoi Realty, we believe in minimalism and simplicity. Infuse some colour with light accessorization and small pop-ups of colour, be it in décor, furnishings or wall art.

Refrain from heavy wooden paneling, which usually makes your house feel smaller. Again, use minimal furniture instead of heavy traditional furniture. Oberoi Realty homes provide floor to ceiling windows, which nourish your spaces with ample natural light. Simple contemporary interior design will also stand the test of time.”

Aasif’s Tips:

  1. Use monochromes and openness to bring out the colours within you.
  2. Less is more: Avoid the temptation to fill space with furniture just because there’s plenty to fill.
  3. Light colours can create space. Dark colours can create a dramatic atmosphere and, when teamed with contrasting fabric, a sense of indulgence.
  4. Use light as décor: Drop lights or frosted glass pendant light for a Scandinavian-chic look.
  5. Make it your own.

At the end of the day, a home is the ultimate expression of choice, style and one’s personality. “Home design has become intrinsic to this expression of the self, almost becoming a story told through design,” says Aasif with his warm smile.

Watch Aasif share his thoughts about interior design - https://youtu.be/RycwMNtMaX0

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