4 mins | Lifestyle | 24 August 2022

Design Philosophy of Oberoi Realty

By placing customer-centric design as its foundation stone, Oberoi Realty practices a conscientious philosophy called ‘Design Thinking’. We strive for the purest form in terms of aesthetics - simple, clean and luxurious concepts. 
With the Homebuyers at the as a center of our universe, Innovation as our inspiration, Technology as a base and Efficiency as the key value, we are committed to create living, working and leisure structures that make sure we deliver exceptional properties with distinctive character. 
A fundamental facet of Design Thinking is creating better experiences that match every resident’s needs and desires. We believe that a fulfilling life should be lived not only in our apartments, but also around them. Therefore, our developments feature open spaces to encourage living in communities and dwelling amidst nature. 
With a firm commitment to creating spaces that enhance the quality of life, here are the foundations of our design philosophy. 
Landscaping is one aspect everyone can enjoy. We believe it is a connection with the Earth and hence the importance of landscape comes to the fore. We minimize our footprints between developments so as to create adequate open green spaces between Towers and allow landscape to flourish. Our developments sit amidst the lush landscape and not the other way round. Our developments have a signature triangular shape which helps us minimize our tower footprints, which are called the point towers. These point towers allow us to create developments that stand tall and provide more space for landscaping. 
The concept of design doesn’t stop at aesthetics. It goes much beyond that. Design is a holistic process where aesthetic is a part, but the practicality and the usability is another part, which facilitates our everyday life. A well planned home will make life better, and improve living. The absence of beams and columns provide our customers incredible flexibility to plan their space the way they want to. With a constant focus on bigger rooms, clean lines, open decks, contemporary and minimal décor, we showcase to our customers a truly aspirational lifestyle. The Oberoi Realty design motto is to keep things as simple as possible. 
We deliver assured products to our customers, after evaluating our projects at every stage of the execution lifecycle. Right from conception and design, to procurement of material and frequent checks after completion and before handover, Oberoi Realty adheres to the strictest codes across global benchmarks. With a zero tolerance towards issues like waterproofing, we strive to bring about continual improvement and with consistency in our quality. And preventive actions rather than corrective measures are undertaken to eliminate any further lacunas. 
We create a comfortable and enhanced lifestyle for the aspirational customer. Our goal is to create a pure form that offers seamless functioning of complex programs while making sure each user has their own identity, space and prominence. We conduct extensive study and analysis much before the designers get on to the drawing board. With a research of various natural elements, site visits to understand the land parcel or the locality in terms of its culture and community, social and civic aspects, views and availability of infrastructure. Each Oberoi Realty development is deeply aligned to our design philosophy of using the power of simple, yet impactful architecture, with influences of minimalist design. With a focus on clean lines, a clarity in thought reflects through every stage of the design and construction process, and also manifests in the end result. 
A reflection of our end-user: 
Our design philosophy is to create the reflection of our end user in all that we do. By recognising, comprehending and reflecting their personality, we embed meaning to the build form. We place customers and their evolving needs at the centre of our philosophies and constantly develop, modify and better our offerings, be it in terms of space, design and utility, as we progress from one development to another, one project after the other. 
Alongside continual product development, we also believe in observing global trends and practices, and adapting them to the Indian market. In the wake of the pandemic, as customers looked for more space to work, ideate, and simply breathe easy, we conceptualized innovations like studio rooms in our developments. While these spaces are an extension of your living area, studio rooms can serve as a study, home-office, children’s play zone or a family entertainment area. Studio rooms can also provide privacy to anyone that desires it, while still staying connected to the household. 
Along with the core ethos of our design principles, we also utilize natural light to accentuate the spatial quality and visual appeal. Technology enables us to deploy energy efficient lighting fixtures, double glazed windows and automation to optimize the energy consumption based on the user’s requirements.

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