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Breathtaking Views At Oberoi Realty

As cities continuously keep expanding their real estate footprint, it’s quite a challenge to find a home with a view that inspires and motivates you to take on the day. An open and beautiful view is often a rarity that is only marketed as an exclusive commodity.

Why do most of us dream of owning a home that is surrounded by scenic beauty of hills, oceans, lakes and trees? It’s because nature oriented views soothe our mind and lives and henceforth such views add to the value of the property.

When you wake up every morning, the view will bring you hope for the new day, and if you are away from the loud blaring of horns, the apartment will also provide you mental peace. Besides offering a pleasant sight and a contemporary lifestyle, a great view from an apartment or a building creates positive emotions.

Homes with a view in Mumbai?

Tell anyone you’re living in Mumbai and it always throws up images of a crammed, boxed-in concrete existence. This always-on city, India’s financial capital, moves so fast that people are unable to imagine any part of it that is not calm and settled for longer periods of time. But if you’ve been living here long enough, you’ll know all the beautiful views it can offer. And if you get to the right places, you can access these sights right from the comfort of your home.

At Oberoi Realty, we’ve always considered ourselves to be lifestyle enablers. This is why our projects always take a potential home buyer’s current needs and aspirations into account. We seek to provide a holistic living environment that reflects your goals, successes and dreams.

This environment is more than just the four walls and roof of a house. It includes where the house is located and what surrounds it. What are the views you get when you look out of your windows, resting your eyes from the gadgets and devices they’re often glued on to?

In the lap of nature – Eternia and Enigma at Mulund

Our twin high rise developments in Mulund West, Eternia and Enigma, offer the most enchanting views. Apart from 30 plus state-of-the-art amenities, homeowners gain panoramic views of Vihar Lake, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and Yeoor Hills.

Sky City in Mumbai’s greenest neighbourhood

Mumbai’s famed Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) is a protected green space spread over 87 km2 of land. It is home to several species of flora and fauna. Now, imagine living in a home in this bustling metropolis that offers you calming expansive views of the verdant SGNP? This is what you get with a home at Sky City by Oberoi Realty.

Located in Borivali (E), this development’s design aesthetics are inspired by the beauty of multi-terraced gardens. Walk in and be greeted by lots of green spaces like landscaped gardens and little nooks. There’s plenty of common open space which includes features like jogging and cycling tracks, reflexology paths, pools, play areas, game areas and more. You can experience what we’ve envisioned virtually - here.

The views at Oberoi Garden City

This pristine development represents a crowning achievement for us. We’ve designed it to be a complete mini-ecosystem. As a fully self-sustained unit, Oberoi Garden City addresses the 3600 needs of your life. It brings our city-within-a-city concept to life but at the same time, gives you access to community living like never before.

The ready to move in flats of Esquire by Oberoi Realty form a part of this development. They offer proximity to the lush Aarey Greens. Similarly, the ready to move in duplexes and penthouses in Exquisite by Oberoi Realty, also a part of this development in Goregaon (E), overlook the gorgeous Aarey Greens while also offering scintillating views of the bustling city.

So, now you know. Mumbai homes with stunning views is not really an oxymoron. Especially if you’re looking out of homes built by Oberoi Realty.

The Projects Elysian Tower A, Elysian Tower B, Esquire, Enigma Tower A and B, Eternia Tower A to D, Skycity Tower A to D, Sky City Tower E, Sky City Tower F are registered with MahaRERA vide registration numbers P51800027667, P51800031456, P51800005229, P51800002656, P51800006141, P51800003582, P51800018404, P51800028419 respectively and are available on the website https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/ .*T&C Apply.

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